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Telerehabilitation is for anyone who would prefer a virtual appointment over an in-person appointment.

Requirements for telerehabilitation: 

You will need access to a computer, tablet or smartphone with a functioning camera and microphone (our platform works on PCs and Apple computers as well as iOS and android devices). You will also need access to internet, and space in your home where you can complete exercises (this may include floor space, a bed, chair, or couch, a counter or wall for support).


Access to a yoga mat, resistance bands/tubing and weights may be helpful, but are not required.


Our team will send you an email with instructions before your first appointment.


  • Write down your access code and keep it by your computer or mobile device, you will need this to login before each appointment.

  • Test out your technology before your first appointment to make sure your webcam and microphone are working.

  • Make sure your device is charged before your appointment.



Telerehabilitation Physiotherapy

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