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Feeling good in your own skin and having a positive internal relationship with your body can positively impact all of the other external relationships in your life.

As a mother of two with a passion for fitness, Tamara realized that, despite eating a healthy diet and staying consistent with her workout routine, some stubborn fat just would not go away.

As a medical professional, she wanted a solution that was safe and effective, but wouldn't break the bank. 

Tamara found TruSculpt and was an immediate fan of the technology and the results, but she found that the local businesses offering it in Calgary catered to a very specific clientele. 

With a focus on empowering individuals no matter their gender or physical weight or size, she is challenging the ways in which body contouring is offered and creating a judgment free space for men and women to invest in themselves with safe, non-surgical treatments that provide exceptional results. 

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Vestibular Treatment
Pelvic Floor

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