Sources of Funding

Private Patients

This is the most common type of coverage. If you are a private patient you may have some coverage through a work benefits plan or a spouse’s benefit plan. Check with your plan to see how much physiotherapy coverage they provide. Most plans do not require a Doctors referral but you check with your specific plan.

Alberta Health Services

Post-surgery & Post-fracture

Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you have been involved in a car accident or other motor vehicle related accident then you will be eligible for coverage for physical therapy. Your initial visit will determine which source of insurance will cover your treatment and how that process will occur. For most soft-tissue injuries your insurer will automatically cover your initial visits. In this situation we do all the billing directly to your insurance company and all you have to do is worry about getting better. In some cases where the injuries are deemed to be more serious you may be asked to exhaust any extended health benefits you have first and then the auto insurance company will pay for any further treatments you may require. We won’t know which category you fall into until after your initial assessment has been completed. Your physiotherapist will explain to you your diagnosis and how the process will work. We will work with you to ensure this is as smooth and easy a process as possible.

Workers Compensation Board Claims

If you have been involved in an injury at work or if you think your injuries are a result of ongoing repetitive use at work then you will need to file a report with the workers compensation board. In this situation your initial assessment will always be covered by the WCB because they require a physiotherapist’s diagnosis in order to make a decision regarding your claim. You will not be required to pay anything on your first visit. If you suspect that your injuries are work related it is very important to tell your physiotherapist, even if you are not sure what to do.


Veteran's Affairs

We are pleased to be a service provider for Veteran’s Affairs Canada. If you are a veteran you may be entitled to physiotherapy funding under the Blue Cross Veteran’s program. Please contact us directly at 403-242-1111. We will need some information from you so that we can pre-authorize your treatment. Once this is set up you will not have to worry about making any payments for your treatment. We will direct bill Veteran’s Affairs for you.


Military Services

We are proud to be one of Calgary’s only service providers of physiotherapy funding for the Canadian Military. If you are a member of the Canadian Military please contact us directly @ 403-242-1111 so that we can get pre-authorization for your treatment. Once authorized, you will not be required to make any payments in the clinic. We will look after direct billing Military Services for you.